Submitting Work in Matrix Cells for Evaluation

When you have completed your work in a cell, you may be expected to submit it for evaluation.

Caution: After you submit a cell for evaluation, you can no longer make changes to it. Make sure all of your work is complete and ready for review before you submit the cell.

To submit a matrix cell, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Submit for Evaluation confirmation button in the Reflection area of the page. Sakai displays a screen asking you to confirm.
  2. To confirm your submission, click Submit. Or, to cancel the submission process and return to the screen for this cell, click Cancel.
  3. If you clicked Submit, Sakai submits your work for evaluation and returns to the cell displaying this message: "Status is pending and cannot be altered".
  4. Return to the matrix by clicking Back to the Matrix.
  5. Notice that the cell color corresponds to the pending status (consult the legend below the matrix). After a cell has been evaluated, the evaluator sets the status Ready or Completed. Cells that are returned to the "ready" status require you to perform additional work and resubmit. The Completed status indicates that your work in the cell is finished -- you can view it along with the feedback and evaluation provided to you, but you cannot change it.