Evaluations Overview

The Evaluations tool allows users with appropriate permission to evaluate work in a matrix cell after it has been submitted for evaluation by a participant in the site. If you are an evaluator, you use this tool to access the appropriate part of a participant's matrix, review the work shown there, and provide an evaluation of it.

In addition to using the Evaluations tool, evaluators with permission may also use the drop-down menu at the top of each matrix to access the copy of the matrix for each participant and click on a matrix cell belonging to a participant in order to evaluate the participant's work.

As an evaluator, you enter your ratings and comments on an evaluation form. This form is created by the CIG Coordinator (site organizer or other user in that role). By carefully designing evaluation forms for matrix cells, the CIG Coordinator can incorporate your institution's existing evaluation practices and assessment rubrics, such as evaluation scales and prompts for subjective evaluation, into the process of evaluating matrices.

To ensure effective reporting and avoid confusion, it is strongly recommended that your institution standardize evaluation scales across the cells of all matrices.

After you have evaluated a matrix cell, your ratings and comments are available to the participant whose work you have evaluated. Your evaluation is also available to other site members that have permission to evaluate or review the matrix cell.

The home page of the Evaluations tool contains a list of participant work that is ready to be evaluated. For each matrix cell title, the list contains its owner (if you have permission to see the name of the owner), the date the work was submitted, and an indication that the work was attached to a matrix cell.

If the list is longer than one page, use the buttons near the top of the screen to find the item you want.

  • To display the first page of the list, click First.
  • To display the previous page of the list, click Previous.
  • To display the next page of the list, click Next.
  • To display the last page of the list, click Last.