How do I set up my profile?

Your Profile is available in all of your sites throughout the system. It contains information about you, such as status messages, your photo, biography, contact information, social networking information, and privacy settings. Some institutions update fields in the Profile tool automatically when user accounts are created. Typical institutional updates include the user photo and email address. All Profile fields are optional.

Note: Some Profile options may be locked or unavailable depending on institutional settings.

Go to Profile.

Select the Profile tool from the Tool Menu in the Home area.

Changing Your Picture

Mouse over the image area and select Change picture to upload a new photo.

Select a new picture and upload.

Click the Choose File button to browse your computer for a new image.

Select your new picture.

Once you have located the image you would like to use, select it and click Open.

Note: Your image must be in a web-friendly format (such as .jpg, .gif, or .png) and 2 MB or less in file size.

Upload your new picture.

The filename of the picture you selected will appear listed. If this is correct, click the Upload button.

Picture updated.

Your profile picture has been updated! This is the image that will display throughout Sakai when users view your profile. It is visible in places such as the Forums tool when you post messages and the Roster tool in your sites.

Example of Profile Image Display in Roster

Example of profile image in Forums.

Editing Your Information

Mouse over the right side of information each section near the horizontal rule to display the editing option.

Click on the Edit link to modify or add your information.

Basic Information

Enter a brief personal statement under Basic Information so that other system users can get to know a little bit about you, and then click Save changes.

The Rich Text Editor is available to you here in case you would like to format your text.

Note: Remember that all fields are optional. You may also choose to show/hide some information in your Privacy settings.

Name Pronunciation

  1. Enter the phonetic pronunciation of your name (i.e. "how it sounds").
  2. Select the Record button to record the pronunciation of your name.

Contact Information

Often the user's college email address is automatically populated in this area. If it is not, or if you prefer an alternate email address, you may enter it here.  

You may also choose to enter your phone and/or fax numbers if desired.

Be sure to click Save changes to save any changes.

Staff Information.

If you are a staff member at your institution, the Staff Information section is a place to display more information about you and your role at the institution. For example, faculty members might choose to include a professional biography here, as well as information about research interests, publications, or the classes that they teach. Click Save changes to save any changes.

Student Information

If you are a student at the institution, you may enter information about your degree or program tracks here. Click Save changes to save any changes.

Social Networking

You may also include links to your social media accounts or contact information on social networking sites. Click Save to save any changes.

Personal Information

You may also choose to share information about your favorite books, TV shows, movies, or quotes. Click Save changes to save any changes.

Tip: Users can search for connections in Profile based on common interests.